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CadSoft EAGLE Information Section

This software format is our preferred format as our CAM engineers are most familiar with CadSoft EAGLE. If you have any enquiry about fabrication issues you can contact our CAM engineers ( for further assistance.

A. Setting the Design Rule

To set the EAGLE DRC our fabrication design rules, you can download our DRU file from the files sections on the right. During design time, load the DRU file by

-> Custompcb.dru ->Open-> Apply.

Once this is done, immediately save the BRD file. When this is done, our DRU file is automatically loaded every time your BRD file is loaded.

B. Generating CAM files

Note : In general, it would be suffice and preferred that our customer to send in the BRD file and we will the necessary CAM work here. But we can also accept the Gerbers generated from EAGLE if it is not convenient for customer to submit the BRD file.

To generate Gerbers from EAGLE that meets our requirements

1, Download the SilverCircuits.CAM file from the files section on the right.

2.   Once the BRD file is loaded or saved. First, generate the drill tool file by  File - > Run - > drillcfg.ulp . When prompted for units, select  "inch". Hit the ok button twice, then save the file as filename.drl  (where filename is your BRD filename). This will create the drill tool file.

3.  Next, to generate the necessary CAM files do this

Files-> Cam Processor -> File -> Open -> Job -> -> Open -> Process Job.

You can now zip up all the files generated including the Excellon (drd) and the Drill Tool (drl) files for submission.

Note : For multilayer boards, the internal layers Gerbers should have extensions of in1,in2,inX  where in1 is the layer below the component layer and in2 is below in1.

C. Defining the Board Outline

In CadSoft EAGLE, the board outline is defined at the dimension layer. The board outline should be a 0 mil line. All internal cutout/routing or custom board shapes should also be defined in this layer.

  Support Files for CadSoft EAGLE


Design Rule File Download
CAM processor file Download
Sample CAM files zipped Download

D. EAGLE Proportional & Vector Fonts

Important! When designing in EAGLE, user may prefer to use Proportional fonts when text labeling the PCB layout. The CAM processor, however, does not support Proportional fonts and will instead convert it to Vector fonts prior to generating the Gerbers. Problem will arise when the Proportional to Vector font conversion causes the text phrase to be longer than anticipated and occasionally shorting out traces unintentionally.

To put it in short, if you use Proportional font for your text, it will not appear as seen on screen. When the Gerbers is generated, the text will often be longer and larger than expected. To avoid this situation, our general advice is, use only Vector font for labeling.

E. Font Size

When labelling the circuit layout. Avoid using font size smaller than. Size 10. Fonts smaller than that will not be clearly readable.

F. Silkscreen - tPlace/tValue/tName

EAGLE, allows user to turn on/off value/name/place for the silkscreen Gerber.  By default, on our CAM processor setting, tPlace and tName is turned on for the silkscreen Gerber. If you need the silkscreen output to be configured in any other way, please submit the Gerbers instead of the BRD file.