Gerbers & Excellon CAM File Set Guide

1. When submitting the Gerber & Excellon file set, please zip up all the files and upload as one file.

2. Whenever possible, output to RS-274-X format only.

3. For Excellon drill file, preferred format is

  • M.N -> 2.3

  • Mode : Absolute

  • Zero Supression : Leading

  • Type : ASCII

4. Please submit all the Gerber layers, even if it would not be used. This helps us understand the design orientation better.

5. Do not mirror any layer. This may lead to confusion on our side. Orientation of all  layers should be as seen on your PC monitor during design time.

6. It would be helpful if you can include a readme.txt specifying which file correspond to which layer. Example readme.txt

Board Outline

The PCB outline can be either included on the silkscreen layer or as a separate layer. The board outline should be a 0 mil line. In the case the outline is thicker than 0mil (eg 10 mils) we will take the center of the line as the outline.








Internal Cutouts

Internal cutouts outline should be in the same layer as the board outline Gerber. When using internal cutout - please check the CNC routing option at order time so that we are aware of the requirement. Note that we do not actively look out for internal cutouts unless notified.

RS-274-D Gerber Format (older PCB CAD software)

Some older PCB CAD systems (prior to mid 90s) can only output to RS-274-D format. This format requires manual data entry of apertures before the Gerbers can be used. This can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours of work . For orders with value less USD 80.00 we may impose a USD 10.00 surcharge for working with RS-274-D format.

Pre-submission PDF checklist

Prior to submission of your Gerber/Excelon file set for quote or order, you can print out the PDF checklist below for your guidance in submitting a technically complete file set.

Download Checklist Here