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Production Run E-test Rates

Flying Probe Test
 Setup  USD 50.00
 Test Rate  First 1000 sq inch - included
 Thereafter  USD 0.035 per sq inch
  • This cost is recurring on each reorder of the existing part number.

  • If the order exceeds 1000 sq inch, additional cost of USD 0.035 per sq inch is added to the unit cost.

Fixture Test
 Setup  USD 150.00
 Test Rate  No other cost
  • Setup can be reused again on future reruns without incurring any additional cost.
  • We will store any test fixture for up to 2 year. Thereafter it may be discarded if no longer used.

Prototype Service E-Test Rates

For any prototype order, Flying Probe Testing will cost USD 30.00 per job

What is the difference between the e-test options?

Flying Probe  Fixture

Lower Setup Cost

Higher Setup Cost

Cost is proportional to number of test points.

Cost is fixed. Does not vary with size of test batch

Recurring cost

Non-recurring cost

Due to lower setup cost,  Flying Probe test well suited for prototype and low volume runs. It is also suitable for one off runs that is smaller than 4000 sq in size.

When I order the PCB with e-test, will I receive 100% of the ordered quantity?

Yes, when you place an order with e-test option selected, we will make additional boards to factor in defect rates. For example, on a 200 board order, we will be making 210 boards. If only 5 boards fails the test, we will deliver 205 boards.

In rare circumstances where the number of good boards after testing does not meet the ordered quantity, we will remake boards to meet the ordered quantity. This will delay shipment by 2-3 days

When reorder do I need to pay for e-test again on the same part number?

If the initial  order test was done by  Flying Probe, then yes it will be billed again. If Fixture Test was ordered with the initial order, then future reorders will be tested at no additional cost.

Can I order my initial production run without e-test then have the text fixture made on subsequent reoders?

Yes, you may. It is also possible do first run with Flying Probe test and then order the Test Fixture when you are confident that the design is good and needs no further revision