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Customer Privacy Policy

A1. All information gathered from our dealings with fabrication orders are used strictly for our reference and would not be passed on to any third party.

A2. In the case where passing information is necessary to facilitate sub-contracting jobs to relevant party, we will inform our customer of such action.

A3. Silver Circuits Sdn Bhd, agrees to protect user information with all possible ways, within the law of Malaysia. This include non-disclosure of customer information in regardless of request from any party at all unless such information is required to aid in criminal investigation. 

A4. Silver Circuits Sdn Bhd, agrees to not sell, rent or in anyway disclose customer information for our benefits in any kind. We understand the importance of such action and consequences towards privacy of user.  

Panelizing & Merging Policy

B1. For prototype Service, only single design panelization is allowed . Multiple designs panelization is not acceptable for Prototype Service.

B2. For production run, additional designs may be merged for USD 30.00 per  2 layer designs and  USD 50.00 per 4 layer designs. Each setup has a maximum limit of 4 designs.

Non-Disclosure Policy

C1. All engineering data passed on to us would be treated as confidential information and would protected as such. 

C2. In the case where passing information is necessary to facilitate sub-contracting jobs, we would request for advice prior to doing so. 

C3. Silver Circuits Sdn Bhd, agrees to, within all its capability to protect all engineering data submitted to us and to not disclose these data under any circumstances.

Return & Rework Policy

D1, All PCB made and sold are not returnable for a refund.

D2. We accept request for remake/rework or replace for

  •  PCB which is not built according to the given CAD or CAM files.
  • Jobs with with high level of fabrication defect.
  • Quantity received is not the quantity promised.
  • Quality issues.

 Please refer to FAQ page , after sales section for more details.

Manufacturing Lead time Policy

E1. Daily cut-off time is 1 pm local time. All orders accepted after that will be considered next day's order.

E2. Orders accepted during holidays and weekend will be processed the next work day.