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Gerbers+Excellon Instructions
CadSoft EAGLE Instructions
Orcad Layout Directly Accepted
Protel / Altium Directly Accepted
Diptrace Directly Accepted
DesignSpark PCB Directly Accepted
Other PCB formats We accept most formats with no Gerber output capability. Email your files to for review prior to ordering.


For PCB fabrication we can accept either industry standard Gerbers/Excellon file set or supported CAD format listed below. Whenever possible, we would prefer to work with CAD format over Gerbers. This allows us to standardize the Gerbers output which will greatly help during CAM processing for fabrication.


Older Versions of Supported CAD Format

File made using older version of the above software may not import correctly to the current version. For example, EAGLE 3.x files may not import correctly to the current 4.x format. Or Autotrax files may not import correctly using Protel DXP. In such circumstances, we may request user to generate and submit Gerber/Excellon file set instead.

RS-274-D Gerber Format (older PCB CAD software)

Some older PCB CAD systems (prior to mid 90s) can only output to RS-274-D format. This format requires manual data entry of apertures before the Gerbers can be used. This can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours of work . For orders with value less USD 80.00 we may impose a USD 10.00 surcharge for working with RS-274-D format.